Rita J. Smith Full Court Fitness Clinics

Our fitness programs encourage active learning and healthy living by focusing on healthy habits through good nutrition, physical activity as well as improving overall well-being. The Eberhart Foundation offers free sport clinics that include: Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis and many more.
Come out & play with us!


Clinics Hosted


Archery is an Olympic sport. It is also a terrific solitaire sport – that is, it can be fun just to always be going for personal bests. Our clinic allows kids to gain experience with all the necessary equipment and learn the basic principles of archery.


Our baseball clinic seeks to further develop the skills that players already have as well as enhance their knowledge of the game of baseball. Skill development in the areas of both hitting and position work will come from individual and group instruction. Along with developing these skills, players will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a live scrimmage.


Our basketball clinic is aimed at teaching kids to play the game of basketball by the rules and regulations as well as tips and techniques to play the game more competitively and effectively. Kids are grouped according to their ability level so that everyone feels comfortable on the court. Our nurturing environment provides an avenue for kids to really feel eager to learn and focus on the instruction. Which in turn helps them excel and be successful both on and off the court.


Did you know that bowling is America’s #1 participation activity - with over 68 million American’s bowling each year? Our bowling clinic is designed to teach participants proper bowling techniques through physical game drills. Bowlers will learn:

• Lane transition
• Targeting techniques
• Ball selection
• Surface adjustments
• Proper mental skills needed to become a great bowler


Our youth golf clinic is all about fun while learning the basic concepts of the game. We will help participants fully understand and feel comfortable with the rules and techniques of golf while beginning to develop the proper golf strokes.


At our lacrosse clinic, we want to help teach your child the necessary skills and values to help make them better players on the field as well as off the field. They learn the proper lacrosse drills for kids. Our experienced lacrosse coach can help address each aspect of the game with our participants and help them to feel more confident with the sport.


Grab your tennis racket and let's hit some balls! Through exciting tennis drills, our young players become familiar with basic tennis fundamentals and tennis equipment, all while developing hand-eye coordination and movement skills.


We offer a number of sports clinics throughout the year to give our youth an opportunity to learn new physical and mental skills.