Voices from the Future

Voices from the Future

The central program for The Eberhart Foundation is to encourage active life skills and positive communication among teens by performing workshops that promote awareness of social issues that affect teens involvement in their community through positive and open dialogue, and facilitate citizenship by encouraging teens to have a positive voice and find ways to problem solve that will promote justice, equity and respect for others.


Life Skills Modules

The Eberhart Foundation Life Skills modules assist Community Based Organizations in achieving their goals as preferential alternatives to detention or re-entry for at-risk youth.  The Eberhart Foundation interactive group sessions are guaranteed to grasp the attention of youth.


Today, community based organizations play a role in implementing diversion services for at risk juveniles including those released from the juvenile justice system.  The key is preventing these troubled youths from entering the system.  Many states are analyzing strategies that will send youth to Community Based Organizations in order to curtail expenses and increase successful outcomes by providing youths with a wide range of life skills lessons.

Our Modules consists of:

Module 1: Self-Knowledge

Module 2: Communication/Relationship Skills

Module 3: Problem Solving/Decision Making Skills

Module 4: Etiquette Skills

Module 5: Work Skills

Module 6: Managing Money

Module 7: Living Skills