Culinary Workshops

A workshop is where the job gets done. A workshop is a place where ideas are born, shared and materialized. The Eberhart Foundation is brimming with excitement to share our knowledge and love of all things edible and healthy. Individuals will receive hands-on cooking experience where they will learn basic knife techniques, kitchen sanitation, and how to prepare a healthy meal in 30 minutes or less.
A healthy lifestyle begins with a proper diet.


Workshops Completed

Team Building Skills

Our culinary workshop will engage individuals in a different kind of team building exercise where the most basic human shared experience of making and eating food builds camaraderie. The culinary workshop takes individuals out of their normal environment and throws them into a fun, dynamic way to build morale and develop teamwork. The kitchen environment is the place to develop a plan of action, create job lists and strategies and work together for a common goal with quality.

Why Is Healthy Eating Important?

A healthy lifestyle begins with a proper diet. Healthy eating is important for the proper formation of bones, teeth, muscle and a healthy heart. Diet can affect growth and development in small children as well as teens. Obesity is on the rise, and by promoting a healthy diet, you can maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy as you grow into young adults.


Get hands-on kitchen practices and principles, in addition to professional sanitation and safety practices while preparing some DELICIOUS recipes.